Mommy Hack: Temporary Broken Underwire Bra Fix

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I was on a business trip when it happened.

The unthinkable horror.

I can still remember the pain.

The underwire of my bra completely snapped in half and began stabbing me in the chest. Normally I can power through when something is poking me, but this tiny dagger underneath my boob was not going to let up, no matter how much I adjusted it.

I paced around my hotel room, trying to think. I packed another bra, but it wouldn’t work for what I was wearing. I only packed just enough clothing, so I couldn’t really change my entire outfit. The hotel shuttle can take me somewhere to get a new bra but it’s almost impossible for me to find one in my weird size.

I started to feel defeated, but with a little quick thinking, and a well-packed toiletry bag I came up with a solution.

fix bra underwire

First things first, work the stabby metal back into the bra. You could leave it like that, but it will last for approximately ten minutes, or until you breathe, before it starts stabbing you again.

broken underwire

Next, you are going to need two things. A thin pad or pantyliner, and scissors. If you don’t have scissors and you can’t borrow or find any, you can still do this.

Cut (or rip) your liner into strips. There is no particular method to this, just do whatever feels right to you.

broken underwire bra hack

Take a strip or two, and stick it over the hole, making sure it covers the front and back side of the bra.

quick broken underwire bra fix

That’s it! You’re done! The liners work really awesome because they’re basically designed to stay put on fabric for hours at a time. This fix is temporary, but will last for a couple of wears, so it’s perfect if you can’t get your hands on a new bra right away.

temporary broken undewire bra fix

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bra hack for broken underwire


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  1. Betty says

    That’s a better idea than what I came up with. We were overseas traveling and my solution was to just pull those two broken pieces out and get on with the day. ok – so you are a bit unbalanced what with one side underwired and the other not, but you aren’t in pain. However, we were overseas and it turns out this country did not use technology – they were doing a patdown before we got on the plane. The security lady felt a wire on one side and not the other and she froze, I froze understanding her confusion … and that is not a person you want confused. After 3 seconds of eye contact that took forever she waved me thru.

    • says

      I’ve totally pulled the whole wire out before too. It sure does feel odd that way. Your airport security story is hilarious, though! I would be pretty mortified! At least she was discreet.

  2. Jim says

    Thanks Betty, I had never once considered that underwires are even allowed on planes. I mean, of course they are (how could they not be), but it just seems silly since it could be formed into so many tools/weapons, while my 50 ml of shampoo is potential C4 explosives to them.

    I’ll have to mention this trick to my wife as she and underwires have a long running feud; regularly attacking one another.

  3. Audrey says

    Got to work today to find that both sides of my underwire are now protruding from my bra since the last wash. Googled a quick fix and found tons of moleskine options, but there’s not a lot of that lying around my office. Luckily came across this and had the idea to use band aids! Working like a charm so far… Hopefully will continue to do so until I get home!

    • says

      Smart idea! I don’t usually have band-aids with me often, but I probably should. They are great for all kinds of things. Hope they hold for you!

  4. Melody says

    Omg this actually help so much thank you!! I go to a medical school and my snap broke and I was running late so I quickly searched how to fix this and this was the first option and it feels so much better thank you!!


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